Update #2

Been a bit of a headache over the last couple of days trying to get turn order sorted out in a way that keeps the game feeling smooth.

My first implementation felt horrible. Each "character" would have a go separately. For example, if you are the player and you make a move, you then have to wait for how ever many other AI controlled characters there are to make their own moves before you get a go again. If this were a turn based strategy like FF Tactics that would be fine. This type of move and wait just isn't suited to this type of game. So I had a re-think.

For the implementation I came up with I created an 'Action Controller' for each "character". When it was time for the AI to take a turn I would queue the actions each one wanted to take then take those actions simultaneously. Of course this brought about new problems such as two or more characters trying to move in to the same position. I found a way around it though and am happy with what I currently have.

I've also added some very very very basic combat. By which I mean the system is in place to handle it, kind of, I think. The player is immune to damage at the moment but he can still be attacked. It's getting there though.

I've also added quite a bit more than what I had the other day, but to many little features to talk about or remember right now.

Have a go and let me know what you think :)

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